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y la version para android? >:c

Perdona, llevo 1 año sin trabajarle al juego, estare de vuelta dentro de poco

i cant play the screen shows white all i could do it put my name 

wow ^_^ the best game ever

Add low detail mode pls

hey we played

make it more

Will be fixed in next updates

Since I went trough the physics of some wall and fell on the bottom of the world's unseen physics, my character is stucked. I reseted the game many times afterwards, but the game camera is stucked far away from my character. How can I re-initialize both the character and the camera's position?

ah nice! im looking forward to it :)

We are working the updates, it is possible to attack and there is death animation, will take into account your advice SimplyMajestic, thank you! ( forgives for my bad english :b )

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please dont stop on this :D it has a ton of potential man!! cant wait for more updates to this. also here are some suggestions: Make it so when you turn the mouse the player turns with the camera, also hide the cursor while in game and maybe when you press a button the cursor appears. Running preferably with shift, this obviously requires more animations but itll be worth it, also language of the game should be english or make it so you can change language. Thats all from me I really hope this gets turned into something great!!